April 1st to October 31st

18 HolesMon-Thurs$32.00
18 HolesWeekends$47.00
9 HolesMon-Thurs$32.00
9 HolesWeekends$35.00
Military 18 HolesMon-Thurs$29.00
Military 9 HolesMon-Thurs$20.00
Twilight 4pm (Unlmtd Golf Includes Cart)7 days a week$32.00
Junior (18 & under) 18 Holes7 days a week$17.00
Junior (18 & under) 9 Holes7 days a week$10.00
Golf Cart Rider Fee (Each Person)18 Holes$12.00/Rider
Golf Cart Rider Fee (Each Person)9 Holes$12.00/Rider
Twilight (Cart Rider Fee Included)Included
Guest Rider Fee$12.00/Rider
Pull Cart (Not Currently Available)18 Holes$6.00
Pull Cart (Not Currently Available)9 Holes$3.00
Trail Fee18 Holes$7.00
Trail Fee9 Holes$5.00
Replay 9 Holes$10.00 Golf
Replay 18 Holes$15.00 Golf
Replay Cart$13.00

(1 FREE junior with ea. paying adult after 5:30) Does not Inc. Tax.

Golf Course Policy


All of your alcohol must be kept at your campsite. Alcohol is prohibited from being brought onto the course and must be purchased from the Sage Hills Golf Course. In accordance with Washington State Liquor Law WAC314.16.040, the entire course is a licensed premises. This law is strictly enforced.


Golf carts must be returned immediately to the Pro Shop after dropping your clubs off at your site or car even if you will be playing later in the evening, or consult with the Pro Shop. Carts are NOT to be kept at your site. We need to charge, clean, and re-rent carts. Anyone under the age of 16 is prohibited from driving golf carts. Two riders per cart only. No hanging off the back of the carts.

Sensitive Areas

Carts must be kept out of our environmental sensitive areas along the edge of the roughs.


Each player must have their own set of clubs. 2020 Due to Covid 19 we are not currently renting clubs.